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When Mariah and Kaver are side by side it’s easy to tell who’s who by their size.

In brighter light Kaver’s helmet looks almost black, while Mariah’s almost always appears slate gray, with white highlights.

When one sex is larger than the other, scientists call it .

Many animals exhibit sexual dimorphism inlcuding humans, but for us it is the males who are generally larger. This difference in size even influences what we call male and female falcons. The male peregrine is called a , which means “one-third”, because the male is typically 1/3 smaller than the female.

If you can see them on the Falconcam’s high resolution Main Camera, you’ll notice some differences in their features that can help.

After her size, the next thing to notice about Mariah is the white stripe that runs between her eyes, just above the yellow part of her bill.

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And since she’s a larger bird, sometimes her size alone is enough to identify her.

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