Updating sharepoint

You can see what fields are available to edit by running the following: In the preceding example I’m grabbing a specific item (in this case the item corresponding to my user) so that I can see the internal field names in context with the data stored by the field – this helps to make sure that I grab the correct field name (i.e., “Job Title” vs. Now you can just add additional fields to update right before the call to System Update() – simply follow the pattern established for the title field.

So, add this guy to your script library and you’ll be good to go next time someone changes their name, email, or job title.

Additionally we wanted to avoid passing information using the query string because users would be able to access the form through multiple links.

When users create a new item certain fields needed to automatically populate with information from their profile.

Prepopulating fields makes it easier for the user saving them time.

The Rich Text Field is similar to the people picker in that it also hides the actual textarea and uses a div instead.

Initially we tried to target the input by using its title.

This did not work so I looked at the code of the page using Fire Bug.

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