Threatening and intimidating behavior

This course is designed to help you recognize common warning signs of violent behavior, understand the steps you can take to prevent Workplace Violence, or effectively respond if it occurs.You can make a difference and help ensure the personal safety and security of all FEMA Facilities staff and incident victims.This type of violence most frequently affects particular occupational groups such as taxi drivers (who have by far the highest risk of being murdered), late-night retail or gas station clerks, others who are on duty at night, those who work in isolated locations or dangerous neighborhoods, and those who carry or have access to cash.

Employees and managers can always receive advisement and assistance from the Office of the Chief Component Human Capital Officer (OCCHCO) regarding inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Type 1 violence includes violent acts by criminals who have no other connection with the workplace, but enter to commit robbery or another crime.

Such violence accounts for the vast majority (nearly 80 percent) of workplace homicides. In many cases, the criminal is carrying a gun or other weapon, increasing the likelihood that the victim will be killed or seriously wounded.

Individuals who commit such acts may be removed from the premises and may be subject to disciplinary action, criminal penalties, civil litigation, or all of the above.

Text: Report violent acts or threats of violence to your immediate supervisor, the Office of the Chief Security Officer, Internal Investigation Branch, or the Employee and Labor Relations Division.

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Disaster Recovery Centers and Individual Assistance or Community Relations field personnel can be especially vulnerable to this type of violence.

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