Significance of bowling in dating

Although the number of people who bowl has increased in the last 20 years, the number of people who bowl in leagues has decreased.

If people bowl alone, they do not participate in social interaction and civic discussions that might occur in a league environment.

Those of us here at IAB hope steps 2 – 8 offer other tips to helping your relationships crush the pocket. Guys, there are a LOT of other male bowlers out there.

If the two of you found love on the lanes, this should be pretty easy. And, if they don’t want to talk about it – YOU’LL KNOW THAT, TOO. If your bowler is giving you the silent treatment – let him or her. As far as non-bowlers are concerned, that’s not even a piece of human flesh.

If something in the lineup just won’t work, it’s better to learn earlier than later. It’s always important to have fun when you’re out with someone you like. It usually takes a couple of hours to calm down after a bad showing, so encourage your bowler to take a nap or watch a movie, and then, if you dare, try and talk about the day’s event. Of course, the screeching silence sometimes can represent a bubbling, awakening volcano of anger. Not unless, on rare occasion, both of you just so happen to be bowling the same event. But, to a non-bowler, that bowling hand is a blasphemous thing. Most of the time, in a bowler’s world, the element of silence simply means focus. Guys are a different story because they won’t listen to us ladies anyway, but ladies, trust us – it’s better to just sit back, be quiet and smile pretty at your man. Date nights, midnight movies and sleepovers don’t happen on weekends. If you are also a bowler, this one isn’t a big deal. If you want to be cutesy in public, make sure you’re prepared for THE HAND, and you’ll be fine. If something obviously isn’t working, change gears and try something different.The whole point of going out with someone is to have fun, and that’s ultimately what will make your date perfect.

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