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Previous reports have hypothesized that female sexual function would be affected similarly to male sexual function in that psychogenic and reflex lubrication will be maintained in a comparable fashion to males, depending on the level and degree of the woman's spinal cord injury.Recent laboratory-based research performed has supported the hypothesis that women with complete spinal cord injuries and upper motor neuron injuries affecting the sacral spinal segments will maintain the capacity for reflex lubrication while losing the capacity for psychogenic lubrication (Sipski and Alexander, 1995a).

Much to the contrary, we believe that BDSM is an alternative form of lovemaking, rich in artistic and educational value, although it is often viewed by those with limited sexual experience and education as being risque or otherwise outside social norms." 5.For those males with lower motor neuron injuries affecting their sacral spinal segments, it has been shown that approximately 25 percent of males will have psychogenic erectile function, whereas none of these males will have reflex erectile function.With incomplete lower motor neuron injuries affecting the sacral spinal segments, over 90 percent of the population will be able to have some type of erectile function.YOUR HUSBAND IS ONE FORTUNATE MAN TO SEE SUCH BEAUTY EVERY DAY.Age Of Consent Boy Love Censorship Child Abuse Child Pornography Child Sexuality Community Involvement Fun Gay Youth History Hysteria Legislation Miscellaneous Pedophilia Podcasts & Radio Privacy & Security Research Surveys Discussion: Boards Discussion: Chat Personal Sites: BLogs Personal Sites: Pictures Literature: Arts and Photography Literature: Gay Youth Literature: Intergenerational Literature: Coming of Age Literature: Arts & Photography Movies: Coming of Age Music: Resources Music: Musicians Music: Boys to Men Resources: History Resources: Miscellaneous Personal Sites: Videos Links included in this page were checked and believed to be legal in most Western juridictions at the time of inclusion.

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