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This whole concept of programming synthetic skinned “Roxxxy the sexbot” with AI ‘personality’ put me over the edge in surreal and creepy ‘yougawdabefreakinkiddingme’ mode…AND that was even BEFORE I heard about acting out rape fantasies in this ‘world’s first life-size robotic girlfriend.” Ugh.

I’m usually a ‘to each his/her own’ kinda gal, but this smacks of objectification in the same tenor as the ‘cyborg’ Heineken campaign I wrote about awhile back, taking it up a notch by turning it into reality “…I sure don’t want MY daughter perceived as a human coaster or a lap to rest a beer upon, much less have a mini-keg spring from her womb in servile cyborg style like this opportunistic objectification.

Women positioned as “futuristic beer delivery systems?

Not sure how this specific flirt bot works or which type of chat is most vulnerable, but security vendor It’s no wonder we get reticent about so much “social sharing” trying to figure out the impact of ‘Google Buzz vs.

Google Wave’ on privacy, all the tracking of keystrokes, serving of ads, behavioral targeting and location-based privacy issues…

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”‘targeting’ kids, but they’re getting splashed in the backwash of behavioral messaging.

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