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I been printing out different setups to read over and see what guys are doing or not doing on the car. Think I will check i out to get an idea on what setup he is using. Bite started out just shy of medium and went to hell from there. Been so busy since I got my new to me buggy that I have not had a chance to even go over the car. Ordered some new shock pistons for my MH from RC Shox so I hope to get them in soon and give them a try at my local track and see how they feel.

I been printing out different setups to read over and see what guys are doing or not doing on the car. It was hot and very windy so the track kept drying out within minutes of watering. I mainly got it for indoors but I would like to get some work on it and put the parts all away but I also have a new Serpent 1/8th buggy to build this weekend. Just need to find time to get working on the car along with the my 2wd SC and my new 1/8th Serpent.

That simple Novak ESC's are Novak designed and made ESC's.

I pretty positive anyone else whom is in the hobby will tell you Novak ESC's are not in anyway a HW ESC.

Each Novak Activ8 V2 Racing ESC is designed, assembled, and tested in the Novak factory in Lake Forest, CA to Novaks exacting standards.

"Novak Built and Supported Novak takes pride in its use of high-quality components and assembly and testing processes.

I have the short servo for the car and the front aluminum bulkhead my buddy gave me for the car. is there a difference in the normal kit and the team kit?

Can't wait to get it all done and then get a custom paint job for my car. if so what are they and is it worth buying one over the other?

he siad longer arms made the car more stable, however i would have guessed that short arms would give more grip/bite. My E Buggy is all built so now I can soon start working on my SRX2 MH buggy.

I've owned the following in addition to the HW: - Tekin 4300HD 550 4 pole - Tekin 4600kv 540 4 pole - Tekin SCX 5.5 550 2 pole - Viper VF4.5 4500Kv 540 4 pole and I found the HW best fit my needs, especially when I ran escs that were not purely dedicated to 1/8 style usage like the Speed Passion GT2.0 Pro. As it sits, I would love to try a Sky RC motor in its 2400 or 2500kv configuration on 2S to see how it would be as a "stock" speed motor.

I really think the class needs something that is just not default mod as you do get new people coming in with 4x4 SCTs and having a motor that is slower can help the class grow and be safer too.

Too many things to work on and not enough time to get it all done. Got the 4 gear standup gearbox, longer driveshafts, shorter arms, front wing and carbon towers.

Couldn't pull the trigger on the alloy hubs and Carbon chassis, were a bit pricey.

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