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This pan says something like “liquid bleach dispenser”. That said, fill (or almost-fill) the little pan once, after you've started the water, and the pan will slowly drip bleach into your wash load. It's a little screen on a plastic frame, usually just inside the opening to the dryer, or possibly in the dryer door.Its purpose is to prevent lint, paper, coins, toy dinosaurs, hair, etc., from clogging up the dryer's exhaust hose.what a dead rat smells like, but you were suspicious enough to search for one. Until there's a cure for athlete's foot, there's bleach.

Dry cleaning is expensive — hence the saying “took me to the cleaners.” But it's worth it. As an extra bonus, dry cleaned clothes come back clean, pressed, and looking sharp. Separating laundry is not just something Mom does to keep busy. Stripes are okay as long as the article is mainly white.Most clothes that go beyond the basic cotton or polyester blend have some special instructions.This includes wool, linen, silk, anything expensive or shiny, and anything made from a material you can't pronounce. Two chemicals that are exceptions to the “no chemicals” rule are bleach and starch. If you're using powdered detergent, sprinkle it in the running water before you put the clothes in; or make sure it gets submerged, so it doesn't clump.

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However, some tags have actual writing on them with special rules that will make your awesome clothes stay awesome.

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