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“You can leave Paris but when you come back you discover it again.”’s fall issue.

Below, a map of the city according to the incomparable Jeanne Damas.I'll never forget the time I took a bite out of a flaky, butter-filled croissant one morning while walking down the streets of Paris, only to have a French girl sneer at me with the utmost disdain. Eating in public was something I've done—and continue to do—countless times in New York City, where pedestrians are committing far worse etiquette crimes on a regular basis. Having only been in the country a few weeks, I didn't yet understand these strict codes of conduct, from food to fashion to friendships. My mouth was too full to tell her that, yes, in fact, I was.It’s a little place just next to a church run by a famous chef but it’s so not expensive.It’s 32 Euro for starters, dish, desert, and cheese. Very cheap and very good.”Damas's preferred mode of transportation: “Maybe it’s because I know it like the inside of my pocket, but this city—it’s not so big, you know?

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Her favorite Saturday haunt: “Le Marché d’Aligre in the 12th Arrondissement. The market is open every day, but the best time to go is on the weekend— you can buy flowers in the morning, and there are great places to drink wine.”The best little restaurant: “Le Servan.

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