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Everywhere I looked, I was reminded of my singleness. It was in this context that I allowed myself to think about getting back into dating. So I dropped out of dating for a while and began to fill my life with things I love—music, nature, and photography.But eventually there came a moment when I was also starting to think that I might live past this. The gift of my own presence has truly felt delightful. I nurture my relationships and prune away those that are troublesome. Surviving cancer made me realize that opting out of dating still leaves space for life’s surprises.An attractive man is able to communicate and present a masculine energy.He is able to excite women and touch them on an emotional level.You can view Part I here for the first 10 lessons if you have not read it yet…The way you communicate with women will determine whether you are viewed as a potential friend or lover (this happens in less than 30 seconds).Communication goes hand and hand with your personality.

They would be pleasant until the end of the date and even talk about next time. As I went through surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, I was mostly focused on surviving, including finding ways to provide for our family of 3.

When you show a woman that she has no power over you then she begins to view you as a challenge, and begins to seek validation from you vs what most men do is seek validation from her. In the beginning it’s important to simply build and release tension (push/pulls).

Take an interaction two steps forward and then one step back.

I recently even created my own introduction-to-dating website, where like-minded survivors and thrivers can find each other and then make authentic connections in the real world.

In the meantime, I am grateful to be alive, happy, and loved by wonderful people who add joy to my life every day.

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