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In general, ethical – or socially responsible – investors encourage business practices that promote environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human rights and diversity.Some may wish to avoid companies that are associated with alcohol, tobacco, fast food, gambling or pornography, while others are averse to weapons manufacturers, contraceptive makers or extractors of fossil fuels. An estimated 23 percent of the population is walking around with at least one of these protruding veins. Varicose veins (not to be confused with spider veins) are one of the most common vein-related conditions in the United States.If one of your grandparents or parents suffered from bulging veins in their legs, your own risk is heightened. “Certain female hormones can cause laxity in the walls of blood vessels,” Weiswasser explains. It’s why women tend to have lower blood pressure than men.“[But] in the setting of venous reflux, this can lead to a predisposition to the development of varicosities,” Weiswasser says.

More common in women than men, they’re also an issue that’s largely kept under wraps, with thousands of embarrassed women throwing on capris, jeans, or a long skirt to cover up the bulges in their gams. We’ve done the legwork so you can feel confident about what to do if a varicose vein pops out.What is outrageous and offensive to one individual may leave another relatively unconcerned.This means you have to do a lot of research yourself.“They are not a sign of bad health, poor circulation (in the sense that we hear about everyday), or blood clots in the leg.” He doesn’t recommend running to the doctor just because you spot something blue.But that doesn’t mean that varicose veins won’t cause pain or bother you, or that you should never go to the doctor for treatment.

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