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IBM Bluemix Infrastructure provides a wide range of high-performance global cloud compute and storage resources that are deeply integrated with IBM Spectrum Storage to optimize performance and management.

AI systems are highly dependent on enormous volumes of data—both at rest in repositories and in motion in real time—to learn from experience, make connections and arrive at critical business decisions.It works with over 20 cloud types and regions, including IBM Bluemix Infrastructure (formerly IBM Soft Layer).The Versa Stack for Hybrid Cloud solutions can incorporate IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management, which catalogs copy data from across local, hybrid cloud and off-site cloud infrastructures, can identify duplicates and can compare copy requests to existing copies, ensuring that the minimum number of copies are created to service business needs.Usage of […] Your transaction data is a valuable corporate asset.Savvy leaders know that in today’s data-driven world, your organization must be able to fully utilize all meaningful data.

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