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The scenes took four days to film and involved a number of the cast who were involved in Ric s story arc.[15] Evans added that Matilda does not feel strong as she had always counted on Ric s support, but does not want to cause any further stress.Dom later tampers with a car which crushes Ric, leading Dom s dismissal from his uncle Ray (Damien Garvey).

Viv s husband Noel arrives, she comes onto Ric again and Noel starts threatening Ric for helping Viv out.. Ric is upset when Matilda decides to attend a university far from home.

Aden s brother Sean (Gabriel Egan) beats Ric up which makes Cassie briefly get back with Ric.

Ric Dalby is Home And Away s resident hothead, the character most likely to wind up in a fight, be caught kissing the wrong girl or just generally land himself in trouble [.

Rocco is later found dead and Ric is charged and found guilty of murder.

[34] While Greg Hassal from The Sydney Morning Herald said the episode was well written and performed and said the plot was a perennial issue for the serial to portray.

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