Infopath row cannot be located for updating

By default ADO DOES NOT use true optimistic locking.

True optimistic locking when another user has maked changes to ANY field a certain record, sinced you have opened your recordset, then you are locked out from making a change as well.

Or, along in the line of this, you opened a recordset, but executed an update to a record in the db, which is also included in the recordset, using an Action Query, and then made a change to the same record in the (connected) recordset and called Batch Update.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. (The more usual cause) another user OR another recordset object/action query has changed that record since you opened your recordset and now you are trying to change it as well. If another user has made changes to the record since you have opened the recordset, then you are not "allowed" to change the record (you need to be notified that a change has occured and then decide how to proceed - this is the second meaning of the error message).

Also, if the database designer sets the field to support rich text formatting, you can apply the types of formatting that you normally find in word processing programs, such as Office Word 2007.It gets then included as a hidden have disconnected the resordset from the source, may a change to a record, called Batch Update WITH-OUT reconnecting the recordset to the source, and then made a second change to the record, and called Batch Update with the recordset connected to the source.some values may have been changed since it was last read", any help!? Data Source = my RS'this is my SQL String and opening of recordset Hmmm...First of all, even though this has nothing to do with the problem, the Cursor Type ad Open Keyset is not used for a client side cursor and gets changed to a Static cursor.

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The ADO default optimistic locking is "Column locking".

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