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Upwards of 30,000 “ugly” people were let in the door, many of whom were then kicked out, costing the site tons of cashola.

Another drain on the licence fee, the idea of a channel transmitted solely in Irish seemed like a colossal waste of money for something which was obviously designed to cater for a small rump of gaeilgeoirí who resented the fact that there weren't enough Irish language programmes on the air.

Over half of the unitary authority area is rural in nature.

What sort of monster would turn down a date with a willing lass just to get a voucher for a new tyre?

Well, this is Ireland, where many young men love their car more than they will ever love a girl and Pioc Do Ride even managed to garner international attention - and controversy - when one young fella picked the voucher over the date, to the visible shock and mortification of the poor girl standing beside him.

Rochester was established on an Iron Age site by the Romans, who called it Durobrivae (meaning "stronghold by the bridge"), to control the point where Watling Street (now the A2) crossed the River Medway.

Property prices in Medway are amongst the most reasonable in the county.

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