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He works with actors, writers, producers, directors, athletes, and entertainment execs — and high-net-worth individuals outside entertainment.

Enjoying it all: “If it’s possible for accounting to be fun, business management is the answer.

After the Superbowl event where Janet Jackson had her famous Wardrobe malfunction, Jawed Karim found himself wondering “Why can’t I see this footage anywhere? Adele actually hit the 50 million mark with “Hello” in the first 48 hours, making it the biggest You Tube video debut of 2015 and one of the biggest debuts of all time.

In the US, You Tube claims to reach more 18-49-year-olds than any cable network.

Psy’s Gangnam Style video very nearly hit the 2,147,483,647 play count limit in You Tube’s code.

In this gallery, Martin Chilton remembers and celebrates the culture stars who have died in 2016.

You Tube says over 80% of views were from outside the US.

They didn’t say which country topped the charts, though.

Reel SEO forecasts that this could already have increased to as much as 500 hours of video per minute. You might think you’re an average viewer, sitting there at your computer or laptop. And with people averaging those long 40-minute sessions and subscribing to You Tube Red, I don’t think You Tube are worried about low engagement.

You Tube’s statistics at the end of 2015 claim that more than 400 hours of video was uploaded to the site per minute. That doesn’t account for brief visits, but you can guess most people come back fairly often.

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Cutting out vague searches like “music” and “movies”, the top You Tube searches were for “Minecraft”, “Frozen”, “Drake”, “Beyonce”, “Pew Die Pie”, “Happy” and “Eminem”, with Minecraft topping the bill at a huge 75%.

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