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RU PERVAJA-LINIJA-MEDICAL-WELLNESS-RESORT-OFFICIAL. RU PESOK-GPS-OTSEV-CEMENT-KIRPICH-METALL-DOSKA-LES-TICHOREZK. RU POLTORA-SHPIONA-SMOTRET-ONLAYN-V-KHOROSHEM-KACHESTVE-HD. RU PRIKOLNYE-NIKI-DLYA-DEVUSHEK-ASKI-KONTAKTA-NIKI. Zhai could not be contacted for comment, and the was unable to independently verify the allegations against’s shares dropped sharply on Wednesday after Su’s death sparked fierce online debate about whether dating sites should be held accountable for verifying members’ data, with many blaming for not doing so in Zhai’s case.On Thursday morning, the stock fell further, down 37 per cent to trade at 3.6 yuan.

Follow Laura on Twitter @lauraliuhe." data-title="Laura He" data-html="true" data-template=" Shares of, which owns China’s largest online dating website, plunged by almost half after the site was accused of failing to verify personal information about a woman who allegedly drove her ex-husband, a successful technology entrepreneur, to suicide.


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Before the delisting, jiayuan posted a net profit of 25.4 million yuan for 2015, up 26 per cent from the previous year.

The increase was driven by a rapid rise in revenues from its VIP matchmaking service.

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In it, he claims Zhai, whom he had married after dating for two months, drove him to despair by demanding 10 million yuan from him in return for her silence over taxes she said he owed.

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