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Under this centralization, the identities of the original companies became blurred into one faceless mass, and the lack of surviving records only adds to the confusion.

That is why some Jolana guitars are marked "Krnov" and others "Horovice", for example, and that is why it is so difficult to reconstruct the history timeline today. the Grazioso (original ad from Melody Maker magazine c. We do know exactly how the first Czech electric guitar came about.

Since then, a lot of new information has come to light, enough to dedicate this third installment of "Guitars Of The Cold War" exclusively to guitars built in Czechoslovakia. The Czech Republic has a rich musical instrument building heritage.

The Bohemia region is renowned for string instrument manufacture.

As it says on a 1957 warranty card, "Resonet: the mark of the first Czechoslovak electrophonic instruments".

The company was called DOBRO for DOpyera BROthers, but the word also means "good" in the Slovak language.

No until the Velvet Revolution in 1989 were there any new opportunities for private enterprise. The Ministry of Industry of the Czechoslovak Republic established one big national company called CSHN (Ceskoslovenske Hudebni Nastroje, meaning Czechoslovak Musical Instruments) and set a production plan: so many acoustic guitars from this factory, so many electric guitars from that factory, and so on.

As we will see, Jolana wasn't the only Czech guitar brand.

Amati of Kraslice has been in the instrument-manufacturing business for over 180 years.

The company is one of the world's largest brass and woodwind manufacturers and is known especially for the quality of their saxophones.

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After the war, Czechoslovakia was re-established as a communist state.

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