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If you “Like” someone’s profile and they also “Like” your profile, you’re instantly “matched” and you can start chatting with each other and eventually took the conversation offline.

There’s no data about online dating in Ghana but from my experience, Tinder seems to be full of girls who are actively trying to “hookup”.

Maybe one day, we’ll get a Ghanaian or Ok Cupid (” appeared to be a big issue.

“Sexting” is basically sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs or images.

That’s not to say that there aren’t people online looking for actual dates.

From my experience, it’s almost guaranteed that out of five potential dates you come across on the Tinder app, three will have information about hooking up and even posting their telephone number. Aside from Tinder, there are also other online dating options like Bumble and Coffee With Bagels which operate on the same premise as Tinder with Bumble allowing women to choose men who like their profile.

Many kids in Ghana did not get the “” talk from their parents.

But Snapchat is not the only place where sharing of explicit images and videos happen.But the question is whether Ghanaians are up for online dating to begin with and can we use it for real personal dating and not just for hookups.There’s no current data I have access to and have real testimonies to say that people actually go on dates from online interactions but some couples who have met their significant other through other social apps like Twitter.I would love to have data on more on this topic but Ghanaians tend to be “shy” and “timid” when asked questions about this.But one day, more topics like #Future Africa Sex can be discussed and we can have real life conversations. We’ll see where we are in a couple of years down the road when it comes to open discussions about sex and relationships.

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