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La cúpula del Partido Acción Ciudadana (PAC) decidió apelar la sentencia que aumentó el monto económico de la condena que se le impuso al partido, producto de la estafa al Estado que dos de sus excolaboradores cometieron tras la campaña de 2010.El Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) admitió que la planta hidroeléctrica Reventazón (Siquirres, Limón) tiene un agrietamiento que causa una “fuerte filtración” de agua en el macizo rocoso donde se construyó el vertedero de aguas de la presa. An easy way to learn Spanish is either with Rosetta Stone, or if you want your own personal ONLINE instruction with a live person, contact - I'd like a beer please.

The youth also plan and conduct a Sunday worship service.With high school youth, as with middle school youth and children, community worship is an important component of our religious experience.Thus, on some Sundays, the youth join the rest of the congregation for the “Time for All Ages” in the sanctuary.Some Sundays, youth participate in candle lighting and our community’s sharing of joys and sorrows.Other Sundays this celebration of joys and sorrows is incorporated into their own gatherings.

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