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It's a brutally cold day and he's not only wearing a raincoat, recently purchased from Comme des Garçons, but an enormous, thick parka of the sort you sometimes see directors wearing on film sets in Prague. "You're probably going to say, 'Oh, I warmed him up, I buttered him up and then, chuh, what a jerk he is and talked about my freckles and stuff," he informs me.The room where the interview takes place, however, is cosy and plush, with tasteful art on the walls and vast sofas. Having a solid, linear conversation with him that goes from A to B is like trying to nail jelly to a greased piglet. But he seems determined to ask me as many questions as he answers. Probably not, but all this question-asking makes him sound very defensive.It's admirable stuff, a far cry from being chased by a triceratops. "I don't know," he says, looking as baffled as he might if I had asked him what colour curtains I should get for my living room. I just live moment to moment, day to day, just act, you know, do what I do and feel what I feel and I'm not even sure how I'm still here. "Yeah, it's nice in Hollywood," he says, eyes half-closing. " I nudge him on to the firmer ground of Adam Resurrected.Then, in February, Goldblum landed, like an alien from outer space, at London's Old Vic, to appear opposite Kevin Spacey in his production of David Mamet's play Speed-the-Plow. But it's Goldblum's electric, mesmerising, exotic performance that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. "I teach acting here and there – are you asking about working at entry levels? My manager would know." But things must have changed in Hollywood in 34 years, surely? I go from job to job and I'm not sure exactly how it happens. I don't know anything about the profession." Perhaps it was a stupid question. "I miss the space in the Hollywood Hills." Then his eyes flick open. "It was intense," he says of his role as Adam Stein, a Jewish former circus performer forced by a concentration-camp guard to pretend to be a German shepherd dog. "Oooooh, you know," he says, his giant hands wafting about in the air, eyes rolling in their sockets. uhh, do I believe in a figure outside myself, a being, who lives somewhere... I believe in stillness and spaciousness." It's a mesmerising display of stammering and obfuscation. " Back in Hollywood, Goldblum has a personal trainer; he eats special food that gets delivered to his house by a company, when he's not eating sushi in one of his two or three favourite places.

That doesn't mean an awful lot until you actually stand near him: then he towers above you, looming giraffe-like in doorways, with angular knees and elbows poking out of all corners of the sofa, like a large spider trying to fit into a matchbox.**** Goldblum's instant recognisability, thanks to films such as The Fly, Jurassic Park I and II and The Tall Guy, means he's there in my consciousness, like John Cusack or Eric Idle.But the last decent exposure he had in this country was in the 1997 disaster flick Independence Day, which grossed more than 0m worldwide.I went to Israel for the first time a couple of times and talked to some survivors in Los Angeles." This is the first time that Goldblum, who is Jewish, has done a part where his Jewishness is part of the character. He closes his eyes in ecstasy at the thought of it. I have a gardener." He folds his arms, grins and lets his eyelids droop. He taught himself to play the piano and got his first job aged 15 as one of those guys who tinkles away in a corner in a certain kind of restaurant at cocktail hour."When I get on the plane when we're done [with the play] and the car brings me to my house, I'll put my bags at the door..." and now he whispers "... At 17, he decided not to go to university and moved to New York to study acting at the Neighbourhood Playhouse.

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