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We wish each other nothing but happiness in life, and we hope that you respect our, and most importantly our children’s privacy, as we go through this difficult period.” Halle also has a beautiful daughter Nahla, with ex-boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry.

The actress was married to baseball player David Justice in 1992 for 5 years, then ‘sex addict’ musician Eric Benét from 2001 to 2005.

The pair have a child together, a son, 2-year-old Maceo Robert Martinez.

They addresses their future plans for co-parenting a statement that broke on TMZ.

My wife says that I am a wifebeater but the same woman two years ago in church during counselling, wrote it down that I am a caring man who is selfless and loves his family.

She wrote that I love her and my lawyer still has the written note.

The Established Communities segment refers to the operating communities that were owned and had stabilized occupancy.

The Other Stabilized Communities segment includes all other completed communities that have stabilized occupancy.

How would you wake up by 4am and not see your wife on the bed only to go downstairs and see her watching that station as if she is taking notes.Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has said that he’ll fight, with everything he has, to clear his himself of the wife beater image his ex wife has labelled him, as he isn’t one.He said this while speaking to Punch, adding that his divorce is illegal, as neither him nor his lawyer was at the court to sign the divorce papers.I had to ask her if she wanted to kill somebody with the way she watched the station but she just switched off the television, went to her room and slept. This is a woman whom I brought out of a one room apartment she was living with her mother, the other room was covered with zinc but I built a two-bedroomed apartment for them.I went to her village and built a three-bedroomed apartment for her.

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