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They misinterpret Romans 6:1 and take it out of context to justify this fallacy.My life experiences have forced me to study the scriptures, to know the Word of God and easily pick out doctrinal and interpretation errors.I was called names and paddled for almost no reason at all.

I never experienced the grace of God because the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination doesn’t teach the true Grace of God.

Now, I’m just an average person who decided to reject the false teachings of the Independent Fundamental Baptist church and start thinking and reading scripture for myself allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me and my understanding of the Word of God. What is an “institutionalized” Christian you may ask?

An “institutionalized” Christian is a Christian who believes in the teachings of a particular church, denomination, or sect and places those teachings and traditions above the Word of God.

Loop through 2 DC’s in the crease of the 3rd round. Make knot and braid approx 5.5 inches long, knot, trim ends. Keep in touch on my Repeat Crafter Me Facebook Page for new pattern sneak peeks and when they will be available on my blog.

Knot and trim to approx 1″************* Braided Tails: Cut three 1 yard strands of each color (9 strands total). And I would love for you to share the owl hats you create from this pattern on my Facebook wall!

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